Helen De Cruz

I hold the Danforth Chair in the Humanities at Saint Louis University.

Before, I had appointments as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at Oxford Brookes University, assistant professor at the VU Amsterdam, postdoctoral fellow of the British Academy at Oxford University, FWO postdoctoral fellow at the University of Leuven, and as Templeton residential fellow at Oxford University.

I obtained my PhD in philosophy at the University of Groningen in 2011, and a PhD in archaeology and art sciences at the Free University Brussels in 2007. I have a broad range of interests, but my main areas of specialization are philosophy of cognitive science and philosophy of religion. In addition, I have published work in general philosophy of science, epistemology, aesthetics, and metaphilosophy.

My work is concerned with the question why and how humans form beliefs in domains that are quite remote from everyday life, such as in mathematics, theology and science. How do the concepts in these domains relate to our everyday, ordinary cognitive skills? What is the evolutionary origin of our capacities to form beliefs in these abstract domains? I argue human high-level cognitive processes have precursors in nonhuman animal cognition (e.g., a sense of numbers is shared with other vertebrates), but that humans have expanded their conceptual toolkit by their reliance on other minds and on material culture.

I am currently executive co-editor for the Journal of Analytic Theology, associate editor for Ergo, editorial board member of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Religious Studies, Philosophical Psychology and The Philosophical Forum. I am also managing editor for Faith and Philosophy, and editorial board member for the section on Religion in Philosophy and Theology, Mohr Siebeck Verlag

On this webpage, you can download papers, find my contact details, my CV, information about my education and training, past and current research projects, resources on teaching, and some information on blogging, the Renaissance lute and other activities.

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